Our mission is to help golfers play more golf and course operators make more profit.

We do this by providing data-driven solutions that help courses better engage, understand and connect with their customers to drive more business with less effort.

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CloudClubhouse is an essential tool for anyone who operates a membership program.

You get actionable analytics - golfer demographics, skill level, playing habits, frequency and course loyalty.

Golfers want to play more.  We enable data-driven marketing decisions that allow you to create unique experiences and invitations to play rather than stale email campaigns and discount programs.

Organize a Game

You don’t have to wade through piles of emails and texts to figure out who’s playing. Simply invite your friends and let them confirm if they can play.

Find a Game

No game? No problem. Just grab an open slot at a course near you.

Event Management

Easily setup multi-group events with sidegames and live mobile scoring!

Book Tee Times

Quickly secure a tee time at your favorite course

Digital Scorecard

Optimized user interface with easy to read fonts and large buttons keeps scoring simple.

Self-Validating SideGames

From Nassaus to Skins to Stableford. No pencil required. Just enter gross scores and we do the rest. Play as many games as you like. No one gives you more ways to enjoy your round!

Offline Support

So, you don't want to be interrupted on the course? No problem. We've designed the app to work offline - even in airplane mode!

Live Leaderboards

No more waiting to find out how your friends are playing.

Build Stickier Relationships

Help members interact and bond with one another more easily. It’ll create greater loyalty to your membership program.

Be More Inviting

Invite members and their guests to squeeze in a few extra rounds each year. Couples Events, Family Events, Giant Skins Games, Beat the Pro, various other mixers, etc.
More invitations = More rounds = More revenues.

Big Data Analytics

Who plays with who? Where do your members play their away games? Where do your guests come from? Use the insights gained from this new information to fine tune your promotions.

More Revenue

All of these capabilities translate directly into incremental revenue. Let’s talk about how you can monetize these features.

YOUR Membership
YOUR Revenue
YOUR Brand
YOUR Reputation

Leverage YOUR assets to provide a concierge level experience that increases play and loyalty.


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